Top 5 Bathroom Floors To Inspire You

Durable, waterproof and stylish – is there anything a bathroom floor can’t be? Looking for flooring that meets such specific standards can be tiresome, which is why we’ve compiled some options for your bathroom installation in Christchurch.

With these suggestions, you’ll be better prepared to talk to your bathroom installer when the time comes. These days, many materials have been expertly crafted to be suitable for even the wettest of rooms, so this is a great time for removal of the old and installation of the new.

Bathroom Floors To Inspire You

Perfect Materials for Bathroom Flooring

  1. Ceramic Tile
  2. Probably the most popular choice for bathroom flooring, ceramic can absorb moisture whilst looking fabulous. It can be cold, but underfloor heating can solve that. Expensive to install, but very much worth it for a piece of luxury. Opt for porcelain if you’re willing to sacrifice some of the absorption qualities of other ceramics.

  3. Engineered Wood
  4. Most avoid wood in their bathrooms and for good reason – wet wood rots and is no fun to handle. Thankfully, engineered wood and some coating experts have come up with a way to ensure your wooden floor never gets damaged. Engineered wood still needs to be treated to protect it from surface water, but wood lovers can finally enjoy some in their bathrooms.

  5. LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile
  6. LVT – or Luxury Vinyl Tile – has been gaining popularity recently, because although it’s more expensive than roll laminate, the end result is noticeably different. LVT can be manufactured to look like wood, ceramic, even marble – all to satisfy your style ideas without breaking the bank or running the risk of leaks.

  7. Natural Stone
  8. At the higher end of the market, natural stone is decadent and stunning as flooring. Coldness is a factor, but as with the ceramic option, undertile heating is available. If cost is no object, ston might be the floor you’ve been looking for.

  9. Rubber
  10. Ideal for wet rooms, for children and pets, this fun material is inexpensive and comes in a range of styles and designs. It’s also soft to land on, should anyone take a tumble.

Bathroom quality Installation in Christchurch

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