Top 5 Tips For Utilising Small Bathrooms

So, you’re considering using bathroom installation Christchurch but there’s a problem – your bathroom’s a little on the small side. Fear not – there are plenty of ways to free-up space and get your throne room looking a lot more spacious. Check out these top 5 tips to help create the bathroom of your dreams, regardless of space.

Small Bathrooms Christchurch

Bathroom Fitter Tips

  1. Keep your electrics in the wall
  2. No-one needs a full-size chandelier in their bathroom, no matter how decadent it seems. From spotlights to side-lights, bright to moody – lighting plays a massive part in your bathroom experience. Your bathroom fitter will be able to keep lighting classy yet reserved in terms of space, meaning your walls and ceilings can stay as clutter-free as you desire – and plastering will be a lot easier!

  3. Experiment with your plumbing
  4. By talking the plumbing through with your bathroom installer, you can plan the layout of the sink, toilet, bath and shower to optimise the space inside before removal begins. Wall-mounted faucets bring a modern touch to a bathroom whilst allowing for storage space underneath. But that’s not all – many people are opting for trough-shaped sinks, which spread across a wall, rather than out from it.

  5. Tile for a Wet Room
  6. In Eastern lands such as Japan, wet rooms are all the rage. They save space, are easy to clean and can ease up your tiling choices. Whilst wet rooms aren’t for everyone, they save a remarkable amount of space and are recommended for smaller places. Consider having a wet room if you have children, pets or just want to dance in the shower without worrying about the mess you’re making.

    Bathroom Decorating Tips

  7. Use wide patterns to create space
  8. Not many people realise, but using wide and large patterns in small spaces makes them appear larger. Think big circles or other geometrical shapes when you’re talking through plastering options. This fun optical illusion convinces the brain that there’s more space than meets the eye.

  9. Put towel bars low down or on a door
  10. One of the last aspects people think about when talking to a bathroom fitter is where their towels are going to rest. Granted, it’s not the most important part of putting together a new bathroom, but for smaller places it’s definitely useful to consider. Talk to your bathroom installer to ensure the towel rails are placed low down or on a door to minimise the amount of wall-fittings you have to dodge on your way to the shower, and you’ll be set for washing and drying without any inconvenience.

    From the electrics, to plumbing and plastering – all the way up to decorating, there are so many ways to increase the space in your bathroom by thinking outside of the box and relying on your bathroom installer.

    For your bathroom installation Christchurch, it’s best to prepare the layout with your bathroom fitter before you begin. So if you’re stuck with a room that needs more careful preparation follow these tips and enjoy a lot more space.

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