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For hundreds of years, buildings have used plasterers to create their perfect homes, whether for interior or exterior walls or even decorative moldings. Thankfully you don’t have to go far to find plastering services in Christchurch as our local, family run company has everything you’re looking for.

Plastering has a long history, with a variety of methods of application, so knowing what you want and when to have it done can be a little complicated. Our property services experts can provide you with professional advice and information to make the best choice for your room or house.

plastering services Christchurch

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Seasonal Plastering

When in the year you choose to have plastering done will affect how it is applied. Plastering is done year-round, but knowing how the time of year will affect your project is important.

In the winter, the cold temperatures and reduction of natural light can be a challenge. In these cases, plasterers might use artificial lighting and gas heaters to keep the plaster from freezing and to be able to see how smooth the surfaces are without sunshine.

In the summer, the hot temperatures and increase of natural light can also be a challenge. For the hotter months, plasterers may start work earlier in the day – including before the sun rises. Too much heat and the plaster will set rapidly, which is not what plasterers want to see!

Traditional or Modern?

We offer a range of styles to suit almost all budgets and tastes. So whether you’re interested in traditional plastering or prefer plasterboard or veneer, we can help. Our plasterers in Christchurch also work in Boscombe, Tuckton, Barton on Sea and Iford areas – and have done for over a decade – so get in touch for a free quotation.

Bathroom quality Installation in Christchurch

“Really pleased with the job. Jamie was really helpful, did an excellent job at a fair price. We will definitely use jmc again.”

Kim T.

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