What Lighting Should I Use In My Bathroom?

We’re not simply talking about the ambience here – when you’re interested in a new bathroom installation in Christchurch, there are some safety features to consider too. Many people forget about the bathroom lights, but they can make or break a room. How you like to spend your time in the bathroom will dictate what type of fixtures suit you.

Whilst design is important, special lighting fixtures are now required in all bathrooms to protect you and your family from accidents. Thankfully, any bathroom fitter will be able to take you through your options when it comes to electrics, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to get you started on both your safety and style.

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IP Numbers – What do they mean?

Current UK regulations and safety standards state that when it comes to electricity and water in the same place – safe is better than sorry. So IP (Ingress Protection) numbers were created to serve this purpose. This easy system might not be something you’ve ever heard about, but it’s essential for bathroom installations.

When discussing the layout of your new bathroom installation with the fitter, be prepared to discuss the zones for your lighting and their location:

  • Zone 0 – Inside your bath or shower
  • Zone 1 – Above your bath or shower
  • Zone 2 – Above the sink / Up to 0.6m away from your bath or shower
  • Zone 3+ – Anywhere outside of the bathroom

There are many more regulations for your electrics, plumbing, plastering and even removal – so check with your bathroom installer for more information.

Creating the Mood

Once your safety is confirmed, it’s time to focus on atmosphere. Everyone has a different idea of what to do in the bathroom. For some it’s a time to relax, others like to read in the bath or pamper themselves. Some people are in and out and need a bright, motivating room to match.

  • Task lighting is ideal for your vanity or mirror area. Place the lighting at eye level to create the most reliable, natural look for shaving or putting on makeup. Fitting lights around tiling areas can also bring more light into the room through reflection, creating a fresh atmosphere.
  • Accent lighting is recommended for highlighting areas of the room that cannot be reached by natural light, or that you’d rather your guests focused on. People use accent lighting for art or decorating pieces, or a particularly stunning cabinet.
  • Dimmer switches are not just useful in the living or dining room. Your bathroom installation can bring a little rest and relaxation to your bathtime. Use the dimmer switch to go from wide awake, to romantic, to ready for bed in an instant. Enjoy soft light in the morning, so those early starts don’t seem so daunting!

Whichever way you take your lighting, just remember to be safe and be stylish. Make use of qualified, local bathroom installers in Christchurch to get the very best for your home. Fitters are trained experts, ready for any questions you may have about placement, type or zone.

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